UPS Installation and Repairing

When power fails, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Systems serve as a backup power source. The UPS systems are vital to businesses’ data centers as a backup to fall back on in case of power supply outage. UPS Systems provide uninterrupted power by running parallel to AC power. When the AC power fails, the UPS systems continue to run and prevent any interruptions and hence loss of business continuity. We offer a range of services to keep the business continuity unaffected. We provide personal and prioritized services in response to emergencies, inspection, repair, maintenance, and preventative measures (PM) to ensure high operating efficiency or our Valued Customers.

UPS Installation
Powerlink Technologies offers the installation of UPS Systems with the highest operating efficiency and high power capacity that are optimized for reduced installation and operating costs. We offer next-day or same-day responses, while guaranteeing fast emergency services. We also offer to recycle your end-of-life batteries.

UPS Battery Replacements
Powerlink Technologies stocks the most common UPS SMF Battery Replacements, including Exide, Rocket,Quanta to name a few. We also provide complete installation and recycling services for all UPS Flooded and Sealed Battery Technologies.

Our UPS service capabilities include the below for all major UPS manufacturers:

Turn-Key Installations
Annual Maintenance contracts(AMC)
Preventative Maintenance Contracts
Equipment Repair
Emergency Service
Battery Replacements